Positive or Realistic Advice

I wish Doctors will give positive and realistic advice...if not I rather get the realistic than the positive advice. At least that way I get to prepare myself mentally for what may happen. But I guess Doctors can't do that when they have never gone though the procedure themselves or gotten sick that way before.

It's very much like trading and investing if you think about it. For a small time retail trader and investor, we have different resources and pain threshold so when we talk to the professionals, we think that they can give us positive and realistic advice. The truth is, unless they have gone through the path of being a small time retail trader and investor and come out tops, they could try to understand what you are going through but will never experience the pain that is hurting you everyday.

Simply because your mind, body and soul reacts to the pain differently from others. They have been hardened by numerous battles, scars aplenty to show their time spent in war and they are always ready. But even then, they have an edge over us, given their knowledge, $$$ and experience, to the point that if they ever decide to quit and become a full time retail trader and investor, we expect them to fare better than us.

Thus I'm interested to follow the journey of normal folks who have decided to become full time retail traders and investors as it is far more interesting and applicable to myself. It is not the case of David vs Goliath angle that attracts me, but more of the everyday normacly that I can relate to and hey maybe even inspire me to strive forward.

This year has been a tough trading year for me, I learnt lots though and have been applying the new lessons thus stemming the red ink but unlikely to close the year with black ink. With less than a week to 2016, I have been awarded with an early Christmas gift which goes to show that Christmas will always be my favourite holiday and 2016 will indeed be a much better year for me. 


  1. Merry Christmas trading warrior!

    To good health, beauty, and lots of interesting experiences for 2016!

    I'm so hoping I'll get SKII as a present ;)

    1. Merry Christmas SMOL! Alamak, why you never wish for a good trading year for 2016! Wah, nowadays more guys into SKII ;)


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