Performance review of past stocks analysis

I've not blogged for a while because I've been busy with other stuff and nothing came to mind and since this is not a job, I don't see why I've to push out articles for the sake of it. The year is coming to a close so I thought of reviewing how the stocks that I blogged about performed thus far and for simplicity, I'll just take the stock's closing price on the day that I wrote about them (as close as possible) and last Friday's price.

                    Then             Now
BAL           A$2.80           A$12.64
IVC            A$13.26         A$11.80

C09            S$10.21           S$7.16
C31            S$3.53             S$3.23
U14            S$7.60             S$6.14
O23            S$2.00             S$1.03
K01            S$0.87             S$0.91
OV8           S$0.66             S$0.85
5DA           S$1.32             S$1.14
C61U         S$1.70             S$1.34
N2IU          S$1.45             S$1.33
SK6U         S$1.06             S$0.94
D01            S$9.18             S$5.81

2278          HK$3.42          HK$4.04
0341          HK$26.60        HK$24.00

7741          ¥4947               ¥4878
7846          ¥2985               ¥5280
2809          ¥2008               ¥3005
8113          ¥2487               ¥2482
2267         ¥6100                ¥6120
2914         ¥3918                ¥4407
8136         ¥3040                ¥2911

EI             €110.50              €116.25
SFL          €14.59                €10.63
GVNV     €21.92                €25.78
LUX        €59.20                €61.80
CDI         €155.85              €170.25
KU2        €58.98                €81.41
RI.           €91.74                €92.10

RB.          £5110p               £6206p
CHOO     £140p                 £125.30p
CPI          £1127p               £1239p
DGE        £1768p               £1891p

A bag of mixed results is what I see and there are some stocks that I hold, some that I avoided, some that I traded a couple of times with good profits and some missed opportunities here and there.


  1. Joyce,

    And I thought I'm the cryptic one...

    Even I have a hard time figuring out the stock ticker symbols in SGX; what more for the rest at other exchanges?


    1. Haha SMOL, actually this post is more for my reference more than anything watchlist is all in tickers regardless of exchange

  2. SG seems underperformed. Luckily you allocate your funds in other countries. And your tracking made simpler by having them in local $.:-)

    1. Hi Money Honey,

      Yeah I was selling off some of my SG stocks...those that broke even which went downhill after that...I still have some that are still in negative territory!

  3. wow. dairy farm is really heart breaking.

    1. Hi Boon Song,

      Yup I'm glad I didn't get my heart broken as I didn't invest in it. Hope your heart is also intact!


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