Are you exchanging time for money?

Time is the most precious commodity on Earth. Or maybe it should be oxygen because without it we would just die! Assuming that our basic needs are met ensuring our survival, then time is more valuable than money although some may argue that money can be used to buy time. It's true in some situations and not in others. For example, money can help to relieve you of some mundane tasks so that you have more time to do things that you like. But money can't buy you time with your loved ones if their time is up.

If you hate your job, you may feel like you are exchanging your time for money especially as you count down the minutes, days, weeks, months or even years to a new job or to a new endeavour that hopefully won't make you dread getting out of bed everyday.
Sometimes I think we forget how precious time is and waste it like it is always there. In a way time is like oxygen, we breathe every second until we forget its very existence until it is taken away from us. The time to …

Believe in yourself

I recently took profit on 2 stocks which I invested in 2 years ago. The reason was because only now are they in the black therefore I quickly cut off ties! I still have a few investments from 2 years back which are still in the red despite dividends so it is frustrating and also shows that I definitely didn't buy at the right time.
One of them was CDL which showed a spectacular run which I've no idea why and don't care why as it has been two long years with no dividends I think. However despite all the dividends, I'm still just barely breaking even for Suntec REIT which I also intend to sell off if only it would go up a bit more!  
I guess the question should be why didn't I add to these stocks during those two years as it went lower or even as it was recovering. I was preoccupied with trading and stopped investing although I do monitor the price levels of existing investments. All available funds went into trading and investment took a backseat although recently …

Never say never

I've learnt to not say never because it seems the more I say never I end up doing it or it ends up happening. It's like the law of attraction...of sorts...the more certain you are about a certain attract it to you and ta da before you know it, it has occurred! 
I saw some dips in REITS which I sold off and now it's at a price level which seems more palatable so I bought some lots two days ago and will look to buy more if the price is right. For the rest of my current SG stocks holdings, they are recovering but I'm not inclined to increase my holdings to average down or whatever you would like to call it. I'm still looking to dispose of them once the price is right which is like taking forever!

I'm beginning to favour just holding a few REITS which I'm familiar with for my SG holdings. Most of my time has been spent on trading as my trading strategy seems to be a mish mash of multiple styles and timelines which so far has been working out well fo…

Reflections and Resolutions

I sold off some of my investments in REITS once they broke even a few months ago and am still on the lookout to sell off more but it is really far from its cost price and with the pittance of dividends, I don't know when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Recently their prices have dropped so it was a good move to sell them earlier on. 
On the other hand, my trading has improved in the last few months and I'm booking higher profits with no losing trades so that's great news in the sense that I'm slowly but surely getting better. I've yet to fully optimize each trade's profits as I'm still very much a novice but am learning along the way so that's an area I need to work on. Definitely need to work on exits more than entries it seems. 
I think the greatest lesson so far for me would be the fact that I continue to trade even if my current positions are in a loss making position or if I cut loss. Previously, I would fret and be upset and fearful…

Christmas is coming

I absolutely love Christmas and would love to spend every Christmas and New Year in a different country, to soak in the lights, the atmosphere and the general happiness of it all. That has yet to happen so it's definitely on my bucket list! Last year around this time, I received the best gift of my life and since then Christmas takes on a different meaning for me. 
The only awful part of December is the fact that it rains more often than usual which means our dog don't get to walk out much and too much rain does make everything look depressing. But there were a couple of wonderful sunny and windy days which ACCICB tells me is perfect CNY weather. Which means 2017 CNY weather would not be like could probably end up being scorching hot! 
There's also lesser trading volume in the market and so while it was tempting to execute trades, I chose not to. It seems to be the right call so far and with Christmas just 3 days away it is time to be merry and rejoice..since re…

A year later

It has been a year since I started trading as I took a break on and off for a few months here and there due to personal circumstances and it is only in the past few weeks that I have managed to successfully know and close my positions before the trend reverses. Previously, I just hope and hold on which reduces profits and also destroys my self esteem as I start to question whether I can only short but can't long successfully. I was tempted to reverse my trade twice but didn't and I was spot on both times! Argh, I'm still second guessing myself! 
I'm still way better at shorting although I only started shorting much later in my trading journey . Somehow my instinct for shorting is almost always spot on but since nothing goes down forever, I urgently need to work on knowing when to long. ACCICB told me that's because there's only panic selling and no panic buying due to human psychology which is why shorting seems to work better for  me. I seem to always miss th…


I'm surprised that Brexit happened... I thought like most other people that they wouldn't have the guts to exit the EU. But then again, you gotta admit that Brexit sounds a whole lot sexier, trendy and catchy than Bremain which sounds like spoilt bread. 
I think the ordinary Brits have spoken as they are probably displeased with the way their country has become. I read with interest and horror from a recent article in Cosmo UK that hutching is how young people are surviving the ridiculous rents in central London. I think immigration is also a hot button issue and perhaps that's why outside of London, there were many votes for Brexit.
I was laughing my head off with some of the other names that were given for other EU nations should they choose to exit the EU and boy are these people creative or what! My personal faves are Czechout and Byegium although funnily they have yet to come out with suitable ones for France and Germany. 
I wanted to buy some British stocks yesterda…