Saturday, March 18, 2017

Believe in yourself

I recently took profit on 2 stocks which I invested in 2 years ago. The reason was because only now are they in the black therefore I quickly cut off ties! I still have a few investments from 2 years back which are still in the red despite dividends so it is frustrating and also shows that I definitely didn't buy at the right time.

One of them was CDL which showed a spectacular run which I've no idea why and don't care why as it has been two long years with no dividends I think. However despite all the dividends, I'm still just barely breaking even for Suntec REIT which I also intend to sell off if only it would go up a bit more!  

I guess the question should be why didn't I add to these stocks during those two years as it went lower or even as it was recovering. I was preoccupied with trading and stopped investing although I do monitor the price levels of existing investments. All available funds went into trading and investment took a backseat although recently I started nibbling at a REIT which I used to own as the prices are very attractive. 

I doubt I will own stocks other than two REITS which I am very familiar with. ACCICB told me that he knows of this coffee shop uncle in the army camp who only owns one stock in his portfolio. That stock is SingTel and he buys a big chunk each year for the past donkey years and just look at the stock price of SingTel now! He's better than most FA out there who try to sell you funny investment products! He didn't care about concentration risk or rebalancing your portfolio or whatever bs that's been told.

Now if only we can all have that one stock just like he does in our portfolio and believe in it despite what everyone tells us.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Never say never

I've learnt to not say never because it seems the more I say never I end up doing it or it ends up happening. It's like the law of attraction...of sorts...the more certain you are about a certain attract it to you and ta da before you know it, it has occurred! 

I saw some dips in REITS which I sold off and now it's at a price level which seems more palatable so I bought some lots two days ago and will look to buy more if the price is right. For the rest of my current SG stocks holdings, they are recovering but I'm not inclined to increase my holdings to average down or whatever you would like to call it. I'm still looking to dispose of them once the price is right which is like taking forever!

I'm beginning to favour just holding a few REITS which I'm familiar with for my SG holdings. Most of my time has been spent on trading as my trading strategy seems to be a mish mash of multiple styles and timelines which so far has been working out well for me most of the time. I'm exploring whether I'm to lock it down or delve deeper into one strategy or to continue with what I'm doing with some refinement.

My instinct is to refine what I'm currently doing which is a mixture of multiple trading strategies as it's something I'm familiar with and to good results most of the time. So far I've identified my style to be a mix of reversal, momentum and breakout trading with timelines of a day or more. I've yet to day trade but it is something I'm looking forward to doing in the end as it appeals to me in the sense that my work is done for the day and I can start a new day with no baggage.

This year shall be dedicated to trading and trading well. My aim is to report good results come Christmas this year! Huat ah!