Believe in yourself

I recently took profit on 2 stocks which I invested in 2 years ago. The reason was because only now are they in the black therefore I quickly cut off ties! I still have a few investments from 2 years back which are still in the red despite dividends so it is frustrating and also shows that I definitely didn't buy at the right time.

One of them was CDL which showed a spectacular run which I've no idea why and don't care why as it has been two long years with no dividends I think. However despite all the dividends, I'm still just barely breaking even for Suntec REIT which I also intend to sell off if only it would go up a bit more!  

I guess the question should be why didn't I add to these stocks during those two years as it went lower or even as it was recovering. I was preoccupied with trading and stopped investing although I do monitor the price levels of existing investments. All available funds went into trading and investment took a backseat although recently I started nibbling at a REIT which I used to own as the prices are very attractive. 

I doubt I will own stocks other than two REITS which I am very familiar with. ACCICB told me that he knows of this coffee shop uncle in the army camp who only owns one stock in his portfolio. That stock is SingTel and he buys a big chunk each year for the past donkey years and just look at the stock price of SingTel now! He's better than most FA out there who try to sell you funny investment products! He didn't care about concentration risk or rebalancing your portfolio or whatever bs that's been told.

Now if only we can all have that one stock just like he does in our portfolio and believe in it despite what everyone tells us.


  1. Hi joycelie,

    He might had just have 1 stock but plenty of Cpf cash and other assets??

    Actually even if we have 20-30 counters in our portfolio, it is hardly diversified.

    That's why I remind myself my cash emergency fund must always grow in tandem with cash for investment.

    Maybe one day if I have emergency fund of 2 years I might stop? But I am still far from it

    1. Hi SI,

      I'm not sure what his wealth consists of and it could be what you said. I agree cash emergency fund is important but Wah your target is 2 remind me of somebody. With family it's hard to stop... sometimes expenses go up, situations change so quantum may need to be bumped up....

  2. Joyce,


    This post seems like you trying to convince yourself.

    And you are not convinced!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Haha if I'm that uncle's age then no problem...but siao Liao I'm not even close to his age so can't undertake his strategy.

  3. For your consideration.


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