Investments of a lifetime

We have all invested in something in our lifetimes. It could be stocks, bonds, mutual funds, unit trusts or relationships, friendships, career, hobby or even ourselves. Does it all give us some sort of positive returns? Do we know what we are investing in? We sure know when we act in a certain way due to our vested interests so maybe vaguely subconsciously we know we have invested and would like to see a positive return. 

We read charts, oscillators, analyst reports, reviews or speak to people to get an insight on our investments. We have a certain mindset when we invest and our emotions are definitely charged if things don’t turn out well. Amongst all your investments, which ones are you most happy with? Which ones would you like to cut out from your portfolio or even your life? 

Our times horizons vary depending on the type of investments and our own expectations. Some investment would only yield results in years to come whereas others could bring a smile to us in a few minutes. Sometimes we prolong our pain hoping that a negative would turn into a positive believing that time would change things. Yes and no depending on what type of investments you are looking at. 

There’s no right or best time to review your investments. Look at them today if something has been bothering you. Don’t push it away. Confront it and work at it or cut it out. Don’t let it fester and become something huge that you can’t bear the pain later. Do it for yourself and do it right and do it now.


  1. Joyce,

    Hey! Welcome back to blogging!

    I thought we've lost you!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Not lost. Just too busy and I realised I lost all the blog links once I changed my blog layout... very irritating since I kinda like to change my blog look once in a while....

      I noticed there are a lot of new finance blogs while I’ve been away!

    2. Joyce,

      Yup. That I suspect is one of the signs of an impending market top?

      Long time no see, all of sudden go saccharine, sweet, cutesy, barbie doll on us with your new blog template?

      You go girl!

    3. ACCICB echoes what you said... market is going to turn. Gosh i can’t wait!

      Haha new year new look ;p


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