Going away

When ACCICB and I plan to go away on a holiday, we have to try to time it such that at least one of the markets are closed on some days or such that we have to close or reduce our open positions before we leave. This means that we may have to either hope and pray nothing goes wrong or slow down our buying activities in the days leading to the holiday or simply work while on holiday.

So far, we've done all 3 in its various combinations but my preference is to close all or reduce open positions since I do want to enjoy my holiday. Then when we are back, we can start again which sometimes takes time due to jet lag, lack of opportunities etc so going on holiday takes on a whole new meaning.

In the past, when we are on holiday I take note of companies that could be worth investing in and I've made some $$$ that way so I call it a win win situation! It's like a scouting trip of some sort. Now I tend to look at the time and try to find a place with free Wifi so that I can check on the market. 

This works fine if we go to a nearby country for a holiday but everything changes when we go somewhere further whereby jet lag sets in and our internal body clock is all screwed up which does not make for good decision making at all. In fact, decision making should be limited just in case you screw up and so far I've not yet have to make any such decisions while on holiday. 

Funnily I only discovered how wonderful holidays can be only last year when we visited NYC in the bitter winter. That was a turning point for me although ACCICB's turning point was like more than a decade ago when we went to Melbourne. But the flight to and back from NYC was tortuous such that I wish I didn't have to come back! Ever since that turning point, I started measuring $$$ in terms of holidays... Prior to that I had a different measuring system!

But last year was such a lovely year for trading and investing whereas this year is like a complete opposite. For the professionals I guess it's just game on for them, but for normal folks it can be hell of a ride. I'm still not that pleased with my score card and with only 4 months to go till the end of the way, I've to find a way to up my grades. 


  1. Have fun Joyce!

    It's good to press the "reset" button and come back refreshed :)

    Bon voyage!

  2. It's a time of opportunity. Think of the climb that will come after the dive. *grin*

    1. Thanks Lizardo... I'm fine with the climb assuming my heart will survive the dive ;)


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