Valuing everything but Changing nothing

One of my teachers said the title of this blog post in one of the classes and it has stuck with me ever since. I find it very relevant given my current situation where I am basically valuing every company and I hope to God I'm not changing nothing, because Mr Market is constantly evolving so I'm also refining my ways with the passing of time.

Which is funny since I'm self taught and my ways are different from ACCICB and yes we do argue about our ways but since he's still not 100% right each time, I prefer to do it my way which kind of pisses him off when I get it right. I was very tempted to use his way since it looked much easier but I think it didn't quite fit me. To me, many roads lead to riches so to choose a road that sits well with me and consistently allows me to make $$$ is the best way for me.

Still, I think that I'm changing my viewpoints and investment style and one of them is by not telling ACCICB what trades I'm doing. There was once when I placed a wrong trade and got out the next day with a small profit and I happily told him about it. He was rather upset that even when I make mistakes, I can make $$$. I told him that I decided not to average down and instead treat this trade as a separate one so it was an easy decision to make. He says I'm lucky which could be true but honestly, how often can Lady Luck shine on you? 

He has also stopped telling me what trades he's putting which was great when we both recently placed orders to sell our trades. I think I was lucky as I managed to sell all of them at a dollar less but he got a partial sell which meant hefty transaction costs and that got him angry again. His mistake though told me that if I'm to continue investing in this company, it is best to use the current broker that I'm using rather than with the new broker I have recently signed up with.

My reasons for selling was to take advantage of the exchange rates that will turn and I was late but luckily not too late as even with the FX difference, I still made some happy $$$. It was an important lesson for me as I realized that another company I've my eye on would also require me to be exposed to FX risks but it would be a worthwhile investment given my time frame. I value everything that I have and my small little success here and there in the markets has made me more determined to fine tune my way and become better at this. 


  1. Joyce,

    At the courtship stage, I would pretend to "eat the same as what you're having". Surprise! We have so many things in common!? LOL!

    After the "we have seen each other already" stage, I would order what I like, and she would do likewise. We are both happy; both at ease with our different preferences in food ;)

    Same goes for shopping. Before, stick like glue together; after, we meet here in an hour's time OK?


    I see you have benefitted from your foray into LSE just before the elections ;)

    The tailwind boost from the strenght in GBP is sweet!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Haha, that's what happens after knowing each other for a long time, can be more honest with each other. Yup LSE is sweet but I've my eye on another market which I'm doing my research on. Hope it will bring much happiness too! ;)

    2. Joyce,

      The diversity in our community is so interesting!

      Most are very local local - SGX stocks exclusively.

      Next will be those who are comfortable with US stocks - can't blame as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc; are so damn interesting!

      Then there will be those who dabble HK and KL stocks - maybe because these investors were probably born there.

      You are the few European centric investors I know, in fact the only one!

      Did you study or have worked in UK or Europe before?

    3. Nah I'm not so privileged to have done either. I don't want to confine myself to just the local market as great companies can be found in many countries. ACCICB and I cover about 5 to 6 markets each with overlapping markets. I do like US market but the FX gives me a headache due to their policies and the time difference doesn't help matters.


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