My love-hate relationship with Mr Market

Actually I don't know why people call the market Mr Market as it feels that the market behaves very much like a woman. Fickle minded, full of mood swings, is often irrational etc. Personally I love and hate Mr Market as it can make me feel like a genius or an idiot, sometimes both at the same time! 

I love Mr Market as this is one of the ways to make $$$ using your own capabilities, unless you outsource this job to someone else, then this no longer applies to you. Basically it means no amount of ball sucking, politicking, scheming etc will make Mr Market go the way you want it to be. This is true for the average retail investor with nary a resource. 

It also means it doesn't give a shit about your looks, height, race, religion, education, experience as all these are thrown out of the window as you face Mr Market on your own. It's a one to one fight so if you are a competitive person by nature, winning the match can really boost your self esteem. Naturally, you train yourself before fighting Mr Market, because hey, who wants to get clobbered and go home all bloody and in tears. 

The funny thing is, Mr Market keeps on evolving but there are some tricks or moves he likes to make so you have to catch him and get him good so you can get one up on him. At times, a surprise new move by book runners outside may completely throw the match array and you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open as you seem to see the world spin around you.

I also hate Mr Market as sometimes there can be a staged surge or fall as the big boys come into play which basically screws up my plans. Sometimes the signals are not clear so basically I am punting and yes I can be wrong like every other human and it screws up my plan to sell within 3 days of owning the stock. 

At times, I am undecided whether to buy especially yesterday when the Brits and Scots went to poll. If there is a hung parliament it means I'm screwed as markets will react, probably a sell down and since I'm not shorting, I will be stuck. It seems that Cameron is more or less, fingers crossed, going to retain his seat, which would mean that I should be safe.

As I've been trading and investing in UK stocks for the past few months, there was volatility which means opportunities and yes some money was made here and there. FX has also strengthened so it was a right call on my part to go into UK. After the elections, I guess things will settle down and it's back to business as usual. 


  1. Hi Joyce

    Mr market is a syndicate. It listens to each and every single noise out there but usually have the tendency to be obedient in the long run :)

    1. Hi B,

      I wonder whether men or women will be more obedient in the long run? ;p

  2. Hi Joyce,

    Mr. Market is deceiving at times. Maybe it is a man in appearance with woman in disguise!

    Therefore it will only be obedient if you understand her well, just like woman...


    1. Hi Rolf,

      Haha, maybe it'll take a lifetime to understand Mr Market... Just like woman... ;p


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