I love watching shows that showcase talented people such as The Voice, Asia's got Talent etc etc. Whenever I watched such shows, I always feel very humbled as well as wonder out loud where the heck is my talent!!! ACCICB tells me that I'm multi talented but still I doubt and wonder and wish.

But as with all talent in the world, it comes to nothing if it's not coupled with hard work, persistence and determination to make your dream come true. I think that it's the same when it comes to investing, we may not be born talented investors but with hard work, persistence and determination to become financially independent, one day, we will achieve that goal. 

As Money Honey says, let's all Shine or Go Crazy!

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  1. Oh my ... l am going beetroot red from head to toe now.

    Having faith in ourselves is important as each and everyone of have different levels of talent; and hence certain people requires more time to know their strong points. We are just like an unpolished gem.

    With hard work, persistence, determination (and also some luck) then a certain level or degree of financial independent is not beyond reach.

    1. I was inspired by your quote and then while I was watching Asia's got Talent, it just came to me... The blog post! Yes, the all important faith and luck element.. I need to work on that!

  2. Hello Joyce,

    Talent is a gift from heaven. I tend to believe successful investors are made, not born.

    1. This made or born thingy is like The Question that we all have. I think that talent would help but how the person given the talent uses it, works on it to become a successful investor would make all the difference in the world.

  3. "So You Want To Be The Next Warren Buffett? How’s Your Writing?
    By Mark Sellers"

    Goggle and tell me what you all think?
    i think there is some truth in it.

    1. Thanks temperament for sharing this excellent article. I agree that investing/trading is really a psychology game. Which is why robots have not taken over this job and why there's hope for people who are so so at math and don't possess a Harvard MBA!


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