So you want to be the next Warren Buffet? How's your writing?

I read this 6 pages long article thanks to a reader (temperament) who told me about it when I wrote my last post on Talent. I think it's an excellent read and while it answers a few questions of my own, it also made me have more questions. Especially the part when it is all set in stone by the time you turn 12.

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  1. People use to say that the environment and upbringing during one's childhood will have a great effect on a person's future. But then this is not always true. A child born in a thieving family does not necessary mean that years later as a grown up he or she will have this trait. So is it really true all is set in stone after turning 12? Survivorship and success as the article mentioned, to a large extent depending on differentiation and having the competitive edge.

    1. I think a person's childhood affects his/her psychology which at that age of 10-12 is like just before the onset of puberty. I think this is what he meant by hard wired into the brain and can't be learnt during adulthood.

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    1. I'm not advocating Buffet although he does impress me on a few counts. Agreed that in investing it could be different strokes for different folks as long as the ultimate goal is reached aka making $$$

  3. Thanks for the article.

    A very good one and massive learning from it.


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