Remembering my first overseas foray

Since CNY is coming, it was time for me to do spring cleaning and I chanced upon some documents which brought back memories of me buying my first overseas stock. I had watched it for ages and it finally fell to the levels where I want to buy in at. Back then, I don't have much cash so I can't exactly buy whenever I want.

I still remember buying two lots separately on the same day as I averaged out my purchase price and it recovered before the market closed for that day. It was such an exciting day although the exchange rates were much higher than what was reflected in

I just wished that I had transfer money into my online trading account months earlier when the rates were lower and then purchase the counters when the price was right. I also kind of like stumbled around trying to figure out how to do it correctly so the experience was not pleasant but rather stressful! 

I will slowly but surely accumulate this counter throughout the years. How I will fund it will be through the investments of my other steady and low growth counters since till date I've only earned $1.60 in advertising revenue. It is amazing that I can actually earn money from the ads placed on this blog and I thank all those who have contributed by clicking on the ads! 


  1. Hi, I am new to investing... just curious about what platform do you use to trade foreign stocks? thank you!

    1. Hi W,
      Right now I'm using SCB but am thinking of using Saxo in the future. It really depends on which foreign market you are looking to trade/invest in.


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