Million Dollar Traders

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Over the week I ran out of K-dramas to watch while I dry my hair. I chanced upon this show called Million Dollar Traders which you can find on It is a 3 part series reality show whereby a current hedge fund manager Lex van Dam gave 1 million sterling equivalent of his own money to 8 trading newbies to trade for 2 months. 

Ex city trader Anton Kreil was appointed as the manager of the group and his resume and how he came to learn about trading is rather interesting. The show was filmed during the global financial crisis period of 2008 - 2009 and yes they were trained before being let loose on the trading floor. 

I find it rather fascinating given that I'm no trader material since you have to be good at math and be able to handle stress well. Plus I think they left out the fact that you must be able to handle very little sleep as you work like say from 6am to 9pm. 

Plus there are many other attributes that a trader should possess which I think an ex or current trader who's reading this should write a blog post on it! Oh yeah and it is said that its best that you do your training while being paid on the job aka being employed at a bank as a trader. According to an interview with Lex, women are better than men at trading but I thought that female traders are a rarity. 

After watching the entire series which is 3 hours long, it got me thinking and I went to google both  Lex van Dam and Anton Kreil. Both of them have seminars, mentoring and classes for those interested to learn trading from the pros. The costs look rather high and I also wonder about the ROI but then hey, I know nuts about trading so I guess I should wait for readers to comment on this! 

This also got me to asking ACCICB who does the trading on our portfolio, on what book I should read on technical analysis since my interest is piqued after the show. He told me that he has only read 1 book and that's the only book he needs. I'm currently reading that book now and may blog about it once I'm done.


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