I'm surprised that Brexit happened... I thought like most other people that they wouldn't have the guts to exit the EU. But then again, you gotta admit that Brexit sounds a whole lot sexier, trendy and catchy than Bremain which sounds like spoilt bread. 

I think the ordinary Brits have spoken as they are probably displeased with the way their country has become. I read with interest and horror from a recent article in Cosmo UK that hutching is how young people are surviving the ridiculous rents in central London. I think immigration is also a hot button issue and perhaps that's why outside of London, there were many votes for Brexit.

I was laughing my head off with some of the other names that were given for other EU nations should they choose to exit the EU and boy are these people creative or what! My personal faves are Czechout and Byegium although funnily they have yet to come out with suitable ones for France and Germany. 

I wanted to buy some British stocks yesterday but by the time market closed, it had gone up by more than 2% although it was down by about the same amount when market opened. I think the intraday traders were the happiest lot yesterday. This coming week, I would be looking out for opportunities in the market as well as considering a holiday to London given the weaker sterling. 

I did make some good money in the weeks before Brexit so I didn't execute any trades yesterday. But maybe I wouldn't be too late so this coming week could either be busy or very relaxing...I'm not sure yet since this is probably one of the most exciting times in the stock market in recent years. 


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