The only TA book you ever need

According to ACCICB, he only read 1 TA book and learnt the rest online and he told me that this book is the only book I will need to read. A reader left a comment long ago that he wanted to know what book it was, therefore this post is for that purpose and after this post I don't think I have any more posts I should write but haven't!

That book seems to be rather hard to buy given that it's so old as it was passed down by ACCICB's dad. The book is Martin Pring on Market Momentum and I wouldn't say its a beginner's book since it does expect you to have some basic knowledge of TA.

Although I'm a super fast reader, I took a long time to read this book. It's as if I want to digest it slowly, understand it, apply it to live charts of those companies on my watch list etc. I think it was also not a good first book to read if you are clueless about TA.

For a beginner, I would recommend Steve Nison's Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques which is truly englightening, easy to grasp and you can apply it immediately. Its slightly different from the Western charting techniques and Steve does an excellent job of telling you the similarities and the differences.

I'm beginning to see the positive effects TA has made to my trading strategy and I've started trading stocks that I've not researched on and it has worked out fine. I guess this was what it came down to as it seems that there's not enough hours a day to do both and come out winning.


  1. Ah! Momentum trading :)

    I guess we are "cousins" when it comes to trading.

    I am more price action and trend following ;)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      As long as we are doesn't matter what methods we use as long as nobody was harmed during the process! ;)

    2. During buy and sell for investing and trading we would not know the real intention and eventual outcome of counter party; so we should not be Overly worry whether they got harmed during the process or not. But having this thought is already and really an admirable action; which is mostly not found in most people. Kudos!

    3. Hi Money Honey,

      I strongly believe in karma, having seen the first hand effects...but I think many people are unlike me...


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