What a bout of illness did for me

I've been sick over the past week so my half prepared post on investment theme is not complete yet as my brain can't seem to function very well when I'm down with flu. I'm still sick as I'm typing this so bear with me if I seem incoherent. However, being sick also gave me the impetus to just buy a counter on the day that it's earnings was released. I'm not sure whether I was thinking correctly but I did a small amount and intend to buy more when the price comes down.

Somehow the earnings was good, dividends was good but I guess expectations were higher so it is currently below my buying price. Thus I placed another order to buy more but it didn't go down as much as I had hoped. I think ACCICB was telling me that I'm very brave to buy without knowing how the market would react. 

For me, I've owned this counter before and made money from it so I'm comfortable with holding it for a period of time. I wished I was sick a little earlier as I would have bought another counter at market price and now would have been laughing all the way to the bank as it has risen even more than my expectations after its earnings was released. 

The greatest lesson takeaway for me is that maybe I need to be a little sick to be doing this correctly and bravely. I guess, in trying to make this a way of living, you have to be a little out there, if not Mr Market would swallowed you alive without any remorse. When I'm well, I seem to have more doubts, am a little more careful and end up beating myself up for not buying or selling certain counters at the right time.

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  1. Joyce,

    The ability to squeese the trigger is often overlooked...

    Without a position, we are neither an investor nor trader. We're just onlookers...

    It's OK if we are part-time hobbyists.

    Not if we are making a living out from speculation.

    Being sick. we are closer to the "No Mind" stage ;)

    1. We have to be in it to win it. Only by being vested can we actually test our abilities, if not the rest is just mere talk ;)


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