Musing about Jerkyll + Hyde

There have been a number of recent Korean drams that are about Jerkyll + Hyde and I find myself thinking whether it is good to be Jerkyll + Hyde when it comes to investing. After all, sometimes being the same person does not do you any good in the stock market. Sometimes you need to transform yourself into a different animal and maybe that will help you find success in the markets. But there is also one personality, either Jerkyll or Hyde that will try to get rid of the other since 2 personalities can't exist in one person.

With so much bad news in the past 1 month, I am anticipating or rather bracing myself for more bad news. After all, if you are a head honcho, now's the best time to unload your bad news. If you are still your usual self, you would do your usual thing but when unprecedented events such as SNB's shock announcement last week, your usual thing would do you no good at all.

That's when it's good to have multiple personalities when it comes to investing. It allows you to choose which personality to use in which situation. Now I'm not making fun of people or encouraging people to have multiple personalities but am suggesting that adapting your personality may be required in such times that we live in where markets are in disarray and people start lying to you with a straight face.

ECB's latest QE proposal did dipshit for the markets as it was more or less anticipated and I wonder whether it is best to do a SNB and shock the markets into action or do a ECB and have the hum drum of markets moving along as if you had said nothing. Sometimes I wonder when would we or would we ever see daylight as we seem to be in quicksand, not exactly dying but not exactly getting ourselves out. 


  1. Googirl,

    Welcome to role play and cosplay!

    Put on a mask we can be anyone we want ;)

    I am spiderman!

    1. I had to go and google female superheroes as I can't think of any that blows my mind away! Spider-Man is a great choice! I like Batman though because of Christian Bale :P

  2. WebMD and several other medical related sites offer interesting views on personality disorders Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), Schizophrenia. Hyde Jekyll Me fared poorly on rating versus Kill Me Heal Me; It's Okay It's Love. In investing, most people would get emotional; and others around them got directly and indirectly affected by it especially when it is involving money which you cannot afford to part with.

    1. I watched all three shows and liked them for different reasons. It's tough to stay rational when you see your hard earned $$$ which you have exchanged time for, turned to ashes which is why I advocate investing with own money and money that can be spared.

    2. Agree, it's tough to stay rational when it is your hard earned money. And there are people who are using borrowed money (margin trading account, credit line, etc) to get into stock market actions. Blame it on rat race and social pressure. Usually there is only one outcome - Shine or Go Crazy.

    3. ACCICB also uses margin due to FX reasons when buying overseas stocks. Haha I like your Shine or Go Crazy outcome... Very true indeed ;)

  3. Margin, is a powerful leveraging tool for people who are able to use it wisely. But for those using it for a contra and quick trading usage then it potential can become a dangerous time bomb resulting in riches to rags status.


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